I think it would be great to add/ things different from reality  


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+ What i want
Add Server / Laptop / Workstation Parts
Changes in CPU Design
Addition of a large computer case (dual motherboard / dual PSU)
Addition of a motherboard with a 16x speed PCIe slot

+ Error / Difference from reality
PSU's capacity is not enough to sell when sold.
Does the size of the fan exceed the case?
Coolers can be used to cool water to computers that can not be fitted with a fan (no vents)
No limit on RAM capacity
Can not install AM2 / AM3 CPU in AM2 + / AM3 +
Uncategorized of 1151 and 1151 V2
Overclock of non-K model
Overclock of non-X model
Samsung 32GB RAM does not support XEON because it is ECC?
Does the size of the GPU exceed the case?

..... Just put together all the things I said and make settings and make hardcore mode

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