On this update we concentrated on the most important things, at least the most important to us 🙂 and this update took the least amount of time to develop if we compare it with other big updates.

Update 1.6:

  • New Eshop – The old eshop looked like it was from 90s and it’s performance was like it was made in the 90s. We have thought about re-designing it for a very long time and finally we have decided to focus on it. We re-designed and re-programmed it with better player experience and performance in mind so right now it should be way more pleasant experience to shop there. No more trying to press on small buttons to add items to cart or buy them. We have heard from a lot of beta testers that right now the new eshop runs without any performance problems so hooooray. I can guarantee that someone will prove me wrong 🙂
  • Added ability to see your inventory in your eshop cart and regular store – this feature could save some time because players won’t have to go back to main scene just to see what they already have in the inventory and then go back to buy
  • Added newly released item advertisements in eshop – So now when you visit eshop you will be informed of new items that came out in the last 2 weeks.
  • Added “new” label to new items in eshop – So now when you are looking through items in eshop you will easily notice the new items.
  • Improved Eshop filters – Even if this looks like a very simple and tiny feature, but it took about 50% of the whole update time. There are a lot of under the hood improvements that will help us to easily add new filters in the future and so you won’t have to ask me to add “HBM2” filter for half a year :). Right now filters also disable incompatible filters so when you select one filter only the ones that are available will be active. This is very difficult to explain but you will understand what I mean when you will try it.
  • Added search by name to eshop – It was requested for some time now and it will save a lot of time for players. You can find it in filter window
  • Detailed cart in eshop – Now you will see all item specs in the cart, not only their names and it is way easier to navigate and remove or buy items now
  • Added new filters
  • A lot of optimisation – we have changed a lot of image resolutions that were unnecessarily large and we did other optimisations so now the game should use less RAM which was the major issue of why it crashed on lower end devices. Hopefully it will help
  • Added PC sell confirmation to emails – RIP to all accidentally sold PCs. That won’t happen again
  • Added new prettier web bar to all websites
  • Removed broken wires from PSUs
  • Tweaked specs of some CPU Coolers, PC Cases, RAMs, CPUs and tweaked their prices. Also changed release dates of some items
  • Added welcome window to advanced version – This window provides links to guide and YT tutorial of how to transfer your saves from free version
  • Moved REP icon to other layer so that it wouldn’t be in front of your PC
  • Changed backgrounds of almost all websites
  • Eshop cart saving – If you close eshop with items in your cart, next time you will open eshop you will get to choose if you want to restore the cart or if you want to start from scratch. It doesn’t save if you re-open the game, it just saves if you go to other scenes but don’t close the game.
  • Bug Fixes – Like always
  • Added 113 new items:
  • 6 SLI/Crossfire bridges
  • 7 PC Cases
  • 3 PC Case Fans
  • 3 CPU Coolers
  • 68 CPUs
  • 4 GPUs
  • 19 RAMs
  • 3 SKINs

We hope that you enjoy the update 🙂

If you are wondering when we will release the update on iOS we can’t guarantee any dates yet. We already have the version ready and we could have uploaded it almost the same day when we released Android version. But we got some problems with our itunes account and now we need to set up 2 factor authentication which we can’t because we don’t have any apple devices. So we will try to solve it soon but it is taking a lot of time and we are getting issues after issues. We will release it though 🙂


Esoch Nicham · April 21, 2019 at 9:33 am

Sorry, but since the update I can’t buy PSU. In the shop and the eshop.

    Nikolai Dumale Shiraghai · April 22, 2019 at 8:44 am

    Same here!

    Phat · April 24, 2019 at 1:25 am

    Same here

    Muslim Thanos · April 24, 2019 at 3:50 am

    Reinstall the game to fix the issue. Worked for me.

Rational · April 22, 2019 at 2:05 am

Same here

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