Transfering saves from PCA to PCA Advanced and save backup guide

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Here we will show you how to transfer your saves from PCA to PCA Advanced, transfer saves from one phone to another or how to backup your files. Make sure that you have update 1.4.1 or newer version because if you have older version your career saves might transform into sandbox mode. Open file explorer app on your phone. Now go to Internal Storage-> Android-> data-> com.GamesFromGarage.PCArchitect-> files Now copy all files that end in .dat extension If you want to transfer saves to PCA Advanced you need to put […]

PC Architect Advanced

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Hi guys. So I wanted to discuss with you why we added paid version and why we are not actually just greedy ass EA or something like that. I am gamer myself and I get upset on these kind of things too. Upset in not the right word. Outraged maybe. I can’t stand DLCs, other shady practices and bullshits. But gamers and game devs are quite different people. Both of them look at the situation from different standpoints and it usually seems like game devs are evil. Maybe we are, […]

Update 1.4

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So we have been working on this update for VERY long. We have pushed the release date way too far and I think that we learned something from this. In the future we will try to release smaller updates more frequently and we will try to be more active on social medias to keep you guys updated on what we are working on.┬áIt has been such a long time that I don’t even remember what features we added in this update so I will just try to remember (damn I […]

Update 1.3

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Hi everyone! So we have finally released update 1.3. It was quite a wild ride. First of all we didn’t have a very strict deadline so we had a lot of things that we wanted to add, but then we realised that we want to release christmas related update, so we have started bringing christmas wonders into the game. But when we released first beta version it was clear that there is no way that we will be able to release it before christmas. That’s when we cut a lot […]

Happy new year!!!

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  It’s a new year and we have new goals and resolutions to make. 2017 was AMAZING for us. We have released our first big game and we hit 500k downloads just a day before 2018. Thanks everyone for downloading, playing, suggesting ideas and reporting bugs because it means a lot for us. When we started working on the game we really didn’t expect to get so much support from you guys. 2017 was really something magical for us and we will make sure that 2018 will be even better. […]